Service Plans

onyoucycle service plans are tailored to meet anything from a quick check up or tune to a full service.

Safety Check

  • Frame/fork & wheel inspection
  • Bolt check/adjust
  • Recommendations list
  • Post service test ride


  • Chain inspected/cleaned (on bike) & lubricated
  • Brake system inspected/lubricated & adjusted
  • Gear system inspected, cleaned (on bike), lubricated & adjusted
  • Wheels checked for damage/wear & correct inflation
  • External bearing wear inspection
  • Frame wipe down
  • Hydraulic brake bleed & service +£25


  • Wheels trued/hubs removed/cleaned & lubricated
  • Headset removed/cleaned & lubricated
  • New inner cables (as required)
  • Hydraulic brake bleed & service +£25


  • Hubs/headset/bottom bracket & all drivechain components removed/ cleaned/ inspected/ lubricated & refitted
  • Bottom bracket & brake mounts inspected
  • New inner & outer cables (as required)
  • Hydraulic brake bleed & service +£25


- Upon having a safety check there is no obligation to carry out any further service packages; however if you do, then the price of the Safety Check will be deducted from the service undertaken
- If during a service and any further work is identified then you will be notified
- If work is required, then this will be explained to you with approximant costs
- If permission is NOT granted then the service will be terminated and an appropriate charge will apply
- Parts are NOT included in any of the above prices unless stated
- All parts will incur a cost, but you will be invited to supply your own
- A £20 charge will be added to your service if your bike is deemed to be excessively dirty and requires cleaning
- If we need to free any component parts during service/repair, then a charge may apply based on the amount of time and consumables used

We reserve the right to charge for storage at the rate of £2 a day and if bicycles are not collected within 4 weeks they will be disposed of.